Modern BCAA Reviews

Climbing is the only cure for gravity. You’ve read about Modern BCAA, the USP Labs branched chain amino acid supplement which is taking the bodybuilding community by storm … now check out these Modern BCAA reviews from other bodybuilders like you. You’ll learn about the mixability, taste, and effectiveness of this supplement, and also about Modern BCAA benefits and side effects.

Modern BCAA Reviews

“I’ve been a fan of BCAAs for about a decade, ever since I got into weight lifting. You may know all about the benefits of BCAAs, or not … but suffice to say, you can only get these amino acids by eating or taking a supplement. I like to work out in the morning on an empty stomach, so it’s not really convenient for me to eat (duh), so instead I use this supplement.

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I’ve tried other BCAAs in the past and while I was happy with them, this one is just better all around. The leucine ratio is 8-1-1, which is the best I’ve ever found, hands down. I used to pay less for another BCAA supplement, but that was only 2-1-1; pretty average. Modern BCAA is worth more. I get a lot more energy from the Sustamine too. I dig that this supplement contains L-Glutamine in this form … I also want to add that this supplement is easy on my digestion, and pretty easy on my taste buds too. I like the grape flavor best, but you can’t really go wrong. The mix is really smooth too, which is another plus.”

-Jeff, NM

New Modern BCAA Reviews

“BCAA supplements are usually not great tasting … but helpful. I was amazed how finely this one mixed, not to mention how clear the mix was. Modern BCAA doesn’t taste bad either; I’m not really sure which flavor I prefer, they’re both pretty darn good! As usual, I found this BCAA helpful. As an endurance runner, a BCAA has become absolutely necessary to me! I think I’ve gotten more energy from drinking Modern BCAA than anything else I’ve used to date. It must be because of the Sustamine; amazing stuff, even though I never heard of it before using Modern BCAA. As other USPlabs Modern BCAA reviews necessarily point out, you do build a lot of muscle on this stuff. My legs are really strong now, and I can run farther than ever.”

-Cal R., Missouri

“Now I’ve tried it, I think it’s time to write up my own USP Labs Modern BCAA review. Here’s the rundown of my experience:


Mixes very fine and clear! I’m surprised!


Also a surprise—usually BCAA supplements taste bad. I really like the grape bubblegum flavor, but the raspberry is decent too. Sometimes I switch over for variety. By far the most palatable BCAA I’ve stumbled on. I can see why everyone goes out of their way to mention this in their own Modern BCAA USP reviews.


The meat of the review, of course! I was able to lift 20 more pounds by the end of my first month on Modern BCAA than I could in the beginning. Of course it’s hard to say how much of that the supplement was responsible for, but I’m very pleased in any case. I’m starting to look really cut too; I’m very happy with my body and my appearance right now. I haven’t had girls staring at me like this since high school!

Side Effects:

None whatsoever.


There’s actually a lot to say here, because there are a lot of effects that Modern BCAA has; I just wouldn’t classify them as “side effects” because they’re good, not bad. For example, I’ve always had trouble with my cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Both seem to be a lot more stable now. I’m told this stuff is good for my heart too. Oh! And I’ve lost weight, and in the pooch too. I’ve been trying to get rid of that pooch for years. And in just a month it’s finally started shrinking. I guess this is called “visceral fat,” and I’ve read it’s Modern BCAA that has been tackling it. So that’s another positive here.

In Conclusion:

Modern BCAA costs a bit more than other BCAA supplements I have purchased, but you can get a nice break if you get it online … also, considering the amazing performance and many positive benefits (including good flavor), I’d say that Modern BCAA is a pretty sweet deal.

-B.M, Vermont

“Modern BCAA mixes clean, tastes great, and has transformed my life. I have finally reached my goal weight after years of toil, and most of the weight has come off in the past couple months. Well, I should say fat. I’ve put on weight too, but only muscle weight! So I’m looking and feeling great. I’d recommend this supplement to anyone trying to get the body they’ve always wanted.”

-Billy, GA

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